Making of Little Honey by Aybars Turan



Rendering is a lot fun. I used the Vray fast SSS for skin, Vray Hair Mtl for hair and VrayMtl for the rest of the parts. I used 32 bit EXR, 2K images. After I rendered my passes out, I was ready for Comp and play with Photoshop.Making of Little Honey 14 Making of Little Honey 13 Making of Little Honey 07



Making of Little Honey First, I used Nuke to convert my EXR images to PNG and then I brought my passes in different layers to Photoshop.

After that it’s all about what you would like to see as the final look of your character. I am a big Disney Fan and I really wanted to make her look like a cute and charming character. Tangled and Disney’s Paperman inspired me a lot during the time. I duplicated some layers and played with the filters. I love the ability of changing my background of the image. I used purple, gray and pink colors to give it a nice warm feeling.

Making of Little Honey 17

In conclusion, I love my Little Honey and I believe it is going to be a great reference for people who are currently working on Texturing part of the pipeline. I hope you guys like my making of Little Honey and please follow my website which contains my blog as well.