Making of Little Honey by Aybars Turan




I wanted to create cute beautiful eyes and some cloth details. I textured iris in Mudbox.

Making of Little Honey 06

Making of Little Honey 07



I used Vray Rectangle lights in order to get decent light simulation.



Since this project would be a piece for my portfolio I did pose my little honey in ZBrush by using Zsphere rigging system. It is super quick and effective way of posing. As I said, I was looking for something to create simple and fast. I found myself in contrapposto pose which is one of the most difficult poses for me. I tried different versions and got a critique from friends whose opinions I trust.

Finally I was ok with the pose


I had a chance to test ZBrush fiber mesh with this project. I have to be honest; it’s a lot more fun than dealing with Shave and a haircut in Maya. It gives you a lot of freedom to play with the overall shape. You can export the curves or the geometry. Since it’s going to be a still image, I exported the fiber mesh as geometry and rendered in Vray.


Making of Little Honey 11