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ox cartoon Maya Rig

Ox Cartoon Maya Rig (water buffalo) made by Truong

Ox Cartoon Maya Rig Free to download and use for non-comercial purpose only, like animation practice, personal projects, demo reel, 11s club contest, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jowH96PIxJ0&feature=youtu.be Ox Cartoon Maya Rig (water buffalo) made by Truong Concept...
Cogswell Dragon Rig free download

Cogswell Dragon Rig The flying quadruped Free Download

Enjoy your free, Cogswell Dragon Rig  created by the students If you have any comments, questions about the rig, or if you find issues within the rig, please let us...
Leopard Maya Rig

Quadruped Leopard Maya Rig By Truong CG Artist

Free Quadruped Leopard Maya Rig made by Truong , Rigged using Advanced Skeleton you can use Software Maya 2012 or higher. leopard_lighting.ma: reference this file into your animation scene...
Tiger Rig For Autodesk Maya

Tiger Rig For Autodesk Maya By Cgspectrum online Animation school

CG Spectrum is an online school for visual effects, animation, modelling, concept design and game programming.  They resale  free quadruped tiger rig Take your animation skills to the next level and...